Sunday, March 22, 2015

VAMFF: It's a wrap!

What a fashion week that was. The Melbourne Fashion Festival - these days known by the acronym VAMFF - has been going for nearly two decades, and while it's a consumer fashion event, this year it really felt like a fashion week worthy of the best, pleasing consumers and editorial folk alike. Perhaps it was the calibre of international guests - for pure fashion business, there was Ruth Chapman, co-founder of and James Curleigh, President of the Levi's, for starters. For fashion insider news, there was author Dana Thomas, of Gods and Kings (an incredible insight into the lives and careers of John Galliano and Alexander McQueen). There were glamorous types such as uber stylist Catherine Baba, and legs-to-the-ceiling model Andreja Pejic, breaking walls for women everywhere. The standard of fashion was startling, including this year's Tiffany & Co. National Designer Award winners Pageant, Josh Goot's showcase show and the jaw-dropping finale by Romance Was Born, held amidst eucalyptus leaves at the suitably dramatic NGV. T'was amazing. And sad it's over. 

Andreja Pejic (right) at Tiffany & Co's announcement of the National Designer Award

Not modelling that night: Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox in the audience at the Tiffany & Co National Designer Award event. 

The ever-beautiful Samantha Harris in the stand-out clothes of Martin Grant, dazzling the crowd both. 

Andreja! In Josh Goot. 

My sweet seat-mate in the front row one night: Elyse Knowles

And there was the time I found myself at a party on a private boat: with fashion blogger Vydia

Making a splash at the Graduate Showcase: Kristine Walker

Graduate Showcase, a complete stand-out show (designer April Yap's fashion)

Monique Duggan's clothes on the runway at the Graduate Showcase

Jess and Stef Dadon, of How Two Live

Making a statement at the Cosmo runway show

Romance Was Born: Aussie animals circulate at the NGV pre-show

Designer Camilla, David and Elizabeth Briskin 

Crazy cool: Romance Was Born Finale 

Graeme Lewsey, CEO of VAMFF, flanked by models Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox