Thursday, December 4, 2014

Launch of All-New Mazda2

In a warehouse space, on the outskirts of the city, guests to the All-New Mazda2 launch climbed the stairs of a warehouse space only to be greeted by neon lights and DJ music, that combined cutting-edge technology with a party vibe. Hosted by Lauren Phillips, the cars sat alongside fashion installations by Myer designers, including Ellery, White Suede, Arthur Galan and Aurelio Costarello. But despite the buzz, all went quiet when The Voice 2014 winner Anja Nissen took to the stage. Turns out a booming voice trumps the roar of an engine very time. (photos by Lucas Dawson)

Lauren Phillips

Anja Nissen

Maddy Smith and Michelle Matthews

Carissa Walford

Dan O'Connor and Jazz Bell

Emily Highfield and Rosanna Faraci

Emma Lane and Travis Burns
Olivia Wells

Bree Laughlin

Lucille Croft

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