Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yellowglen Terrace

I'm always a big fan of Turnbull Stakes Day, not least of all because it feels like the Racing Carnival is finally here, and because Yellowglen does such an amazing job of having a VIP marquee that's actually open to public race-goers from Derby Day through to Stakes Day. At Yellowglen Terrace, styled by jewellery designer Samatha Wills together with paper artist Marine Coutroutslos, This year, guests including ambassador Emma Clapham got to sip drinking including one of the Yellowglen Colours on their garden-themed terrace, with a perfect view of the track. What more could you want? I also adore the fact that Yellowglen are accessorising the marquee to match their colours according to the different race days, asking race-goers to dress according. Cup - yellow. Oaks - pink. Stakes - red. Easy.  (Photos courtesy of Lucas Dawson) 

Tom Hawkins and Emma Clapham

Brooke Meredith and Shoona Stanes (right)

Rebeccah Panozza

Melanie Vallejo

Tully Smyth, Jazz Bell and Alex "Boog" Roe 

Astrid Oakley and Tasha Harp Kennealy

Kate Bollard

Jess Dempsey and Melissa Colosimo 

Kazia Z, Bree Laughlin

Kazia, Monika Clarke

Josie Barber, Alyce Cowell, Ashli Templer, Rebecca Karagiorgos

Sarah Willcocks, Phoebe Montague

Sara Minnie May, Dan Anstey and Kate Bollard

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