Wednesday, October 15, 2014

iHeart Travel Launch

When iHeart Travel held a party in Port Melbourne, there was one thing on everyone's minds - not just this new way of travelling, designed for single men and women of all ages, but what was happening with The Bachelor contestants, since Sam Frost made her first post-breakup appearance at the event. (My favourite photo is when Sam is standing with her fellow contestants, Chantal and Zoe, who are smiling normally for the camera. In the next shot, bring in the guys, and everyone's beaming!) 

In fact, the girls got so swamped by the crowd - celebrities wanted to meet them! - that they ended up taking some time out in a roped-off area at the back. Meanwhile, we all learned about iHeart Travel, which takes internet dating to the next level - on holidays, be they luxury resort takeovers or cruises. Whether Sam is going to take one is anybody's guess. 

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