Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Eternal Headonist

Anyone who lives in Melbourne at this time of year knows how hat-crazy it can get. Thank goodness, then, for the launch of The Eternal Headonist, an online store that has a carefully curated selection of beyond-fabulous hats. Need a hat that looks like a feathered mohawk? Check. Want a Marilyn Monroe print trilby by Philip Treacy? It's there, too. 

It's the brainchild of Annabel Allen, who was working in corporate jobs - she's a chartered accountant - when she realised she wanted to do something more creative. This was one way to combine her love of millinery with her business skills - "and I realised that there was no outlet for a lot of the milliners here to sell and promote their work...there are few outlets who sell fashion forward, modern, contemporary headwear." In an ideal world, Allen would have fashion folk don a hat to a party on any day of the week - not just during spring carnival - and to encourage this line of thinking, she plans to throw several parties with headgear as part of the dress code. For the launch - with a speech by milliner Richard Nylon - at Anna Pappas Gallery, quite a few got into the swing of things. And here's the best bit: online, the designer range starts at $150. Shop at The Eternal Headonist here.

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