Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nickelodeon's Slimefest 2014

So, this is what I learned at this year's Nickelodeon Slimefest (I was there last year too, you guys). Cody Simpson is very, very big with the young ladies. I had personally met a girl who had zig-zagged her way around Melbourne hotels on the previous day in an attempt to grab a selfie with Cody. (She was unsuccessful.) So to those teenagers reading this post, the abundance of Cody photos are there for you. That aside, Slimefest is an absolutely awesome concert for its prime ticket-holders (6500 kids and their families), who seemed to be upwards of about seven years old, but it's just as incredible if you're an adult, given how many successful acts perform. (Apart from Cody and his sister Alli, there was Dami Im, Justice Crew, Sabrina Carpenter, The Collective and Savage.) Plus there's slime. Even Lady Gaga doesn't have that. 

Cody and sister Alli Simpson 

Justice Crew 

The Collective with Dani Im
Sabrina Carpenter

That's why they call it Slimefest

Hosts Luke and Wyatt

Ricki-Lee, who performed in Sydney only



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Emirates Marquee Launch

Here's the scoop: I was a teeny weeny bit concerned when Emirates announced that Germany would be the theme of this year's Emirates marque at the 2014 Emirates Melbourne Cup Carnival. After all, how would they decorate? Would it be an elaborate beergarden? Would there be lederhosen? So far, I'd come to expect the Emirates' marquees to be luxurious, surprising, unique superstructures with sophisticated detail and more than one supermodel in the corner. Would this year be different?

Here's the deal: this year might be the best of all. It's not just Germany that's the theme - it's old and new Germany, and to launch it all, Emirates threw a part at SmartArtz Gallery. It was like being in underground Berlin, with a modern, urban feel, street art on the walls and yes - lederhosen-clad dancers - who soon turned into unexpected hip hop movers. Fabulous. The crowd got a sneak peek at Mark Schaller's customised artwork - still a work in progress - while Patrick Studios Dance Group did their thing. There was also a taste of the German food on offer, including Kartofellpuffer (you don't have to pronounce it, you just have to eat it) and apple strudel. Ja, bitte. 

Frances Abbott, Lindsay Smith, Olivia Wells

Monika Clarke and Ed Lower

The Block Glasshouse contestants: Max and Karstan (left) with Dean, and Jenna and Chris (right)

Neighbours' stars Olympia Valance, Jenna Rosenow

Masterchef's Sarah Todd and Brynne Edelsten 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Eternal Headonist

Anyone who lives in Melbourne at this time of year knows how hat-crazy it can get. Thank goodness, then, for the launch of The Eternal Headonist, an online store that has a carefully curated selection of beyond-fabulous hats. Need a hat that looks like a feathered mohawk? Check. Want a Marilyn Monroe print trilby by Philip Treacy? It's there, too. 

It's the brainchild of Annabel Allen, who was working in corporate jobs - she's a chartered accountant - when she realised she wanted to do something more creative. This was one way to combine her love of millinery with her business skills - "and I realised that there was no outlet for a lot of the milliners here to sell and promote their work...there are few outlets who sell fashion forward, modern, contemporary headwear." In an ideal world, Allen would have fashion folk don a hat to a party on any day of the week - not just during spring carnival - and to encourage this line of thinking, she plans to throw several parties with headgear as part of the dress code. For the launch - with a speech by milliner Richard Nylon - at Anna Pappas Gallery, quite a few got into the swing of things. And here's the best bit: online, the designer range starts at $150. Shop at The Eternal Headonist here.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Wrap-Up

Boy, did I love that Melbourne Spring Fashion Week that just closed last week. I'm not saying that because I was one of the few who got invited to the shows, sitting in front row at the majestic town hall, or alongside an intimate group of media and celebrities in the Hub, among other venues. I just loved it all: the town hall shows, which were a true mix of fashion and theatre. (At Runway 3, designers including Akira, Megan Park and Yeojin Bae displayed their garments while women of varying cultures and instrument prowess provided the backdrop.) I really discovered new ways to wear fashion, as happened at the Hub's Nike Sports Luxe show, where Nike tech products were paired with sports luxe designers - gosh, I wanted that Michael Lo Sordo pink trench. Then there were also the curated events - I saw sparkly Belluccio frocks at Eve nightclub, and Project: StageLabel's mix of up-and-coming designers at Mon Bijou. And don't get me started on the emerging designers and their way-out concoctions. All in all, MSFW offered colour, pizzazz and not a little excitement about spring shopping. Ladies (and gents), get out your wallets...

MSFW ambassador Ashley Hart 


Above photos all by Lucas Dawson


 Fashion fixtures Kristine Walker and Richard Nylon