Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marnie Haddad's The Fourth Floor

Talk about a photography exhibition with buzz. Marnie Haddad's latest exhibition, The Fourth Floor, opened with a splash at Scott Livesey Galleries, where friends and fans who've known her for years came to celebrate her latest success. Having started out studying at UCLA in Los Angeles, Marnie returned to Australia to work as a well-regarded fashion photographer. Not only has she had 15 years in the business, but RMIT also established 'The Marnie Haddad Mentor Award' where a graduate student is given the opportunity to working on sets with clients. 

In The Fourth Floor, her  young subjects stand solemnly in opulent rooms, reflective in their lush surrounds. It's easy to see these photographs standing the test of time, and Marnie's work becoming even more collectible as years go on. 


And some of the hauntingly beautiful artworks...

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