Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paul Louis At Kong

It was a night of new adventures: the introduction of Paul Louis champagne to Melbourne socialites, and a glimpse at Chris Lucas' new Korean bbq eatery, Kong. Guests got a lot of the former (including a take-home bottle of bubbles) but less of the latter, since Kong is still a few weeks away from opening. Still, tasty morsels including kingfish sashimi, Mandu dumplings and clam miso soup left party-goers wanting more. And who wasn't swayed by the Paul Louis representation, a gentleman who offered champagne amidst a haze of soap bubbles as guests arrived? Watch this space. 

Candice Goss, Shoona Staines, Saasha Burns

\Alyce Crawford, Ashli Templer, Alice McGenniss-Destro and Lauren Brain 

Jess and Stef Dadon 

Nick and Rozalia Russian 

Sarah-Jane Young

Alan Nelson with Shoona, Candice and Saasha

Liz and Dean Sunshine

                                                             Photos by Anthony Licuria

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