Monday, May 19, 2014

Nespresso Launch at Emporium Melbourne

You probably guessed that coffee could be super exciting when you watched George Clooney do the Nespresso ads. But the launch of Nespresso's boutique at Emporium proved it, when all the big guns were brought out. Lauren Mac spun tunes for the crowd, Guillaume Brahimi fed the party on delicacies such as smoked salmon cigars with caviar, and duck foie gras parfait with ginger bread, while X Factor winner Dami Im did a special performance. Guests including Bruce and Chyka Keebaugh, Barry Hall, Richard Nylon and Saskia Hampele all got to sample the Nespresso-infused cocktails, with flavours of Salted Caramel, Black Forest and Choc Mint. If that wasn't enough to keep the party buzzing, a trio of tenors dressed as waiters surprised guests by launching into an Italian opera medley. 

Neighbours' Saskia Hampele and TV's Kayne Tremills

Chyka and Bruce Keebaugh

Milliner Richard Nylon and designer Gwendolynne Burkin

Nicole Parker and Nespresso General Manager Renaud Tinel
Nick Bracks and Rob Menzies

Musicians Hayden James and Brooke Adammo

Sophie and Barry Hall 

Dami Im

Chef Guillaume Brahimi

Deejay Lauren Mac

Australia's largest coffee room features a tasting area with 11 machines. 

Photos by Andrew Amos

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