Monday, May 12, 2014

LUX opening night

The line winding out the front on opening night gave some clue that something exciting was happening within. At LUX, the brand-new nightclub in South Yarra's Chapel Street (in the old Red Bennies space), party-goers got a taste of Las Vegas-meets Melbourne, as the lavish space mixed up elements of burlesque performers, acrobats, a 40 sqm mirrored bar, chandeliers and an upstairs VIP booth. LUX director Skye Graham saw a gap in the Melbourne nightclub offerings, and knew he could do something with the space that spans several levels. Plenty of enthusiasts showed up for the opening, including Real Housewives of Melbourne Andrea Moss and Lydia Schiavello, ex-MKR girls Melina Bagnato and Lee Chan, singer Ross Wilson, Kookai's Danielle Vagner and fitness guru Andi Lew. Luckily, no housewives were involved in the near-nude performances, but plastic surgeon Chris Moss did look twice at some of the dancers to ensure he hadn't met them previously in the surgery. 

Daniella Balscheit, fashion designer Vicki Petkoski (from Vezzano Couture), Marcus Balscheit, PR Helen Reizer. Pic: Jim Lee

Andrea and Chris Moss, Pic: Jim Lee

Lee Chan and Melina Bagnato from ex-MKR Pic: Anthony Licuria

Natalie Heslop (right) with friend Pic: Anthony Licuria 

Tony Hachem and Lydia Schiavello, Pic: Anthony Licuria 

Natalie Hunter and friend Pic: Jim Lee

Makeup by Bodyography Pic: Jim Lee 

Ali Johnston, Alexia Hondros, Vicki Petkoski, Danielle Vagner, Pic: Anthony Licuria

Pic: Anthony Licuria

Eat Fat Be Thin's Andi Lew. Pic: Jim Lee

Zee Shamat, Anna Pappas and Sarah Roza, Pic: Jim Lee

James Pidgeon and Christopher Dunkley, Pic: Anthony Licuria

Rory Higgins, Skye Graham, Elizabeth Brabender, Anthony Jacobs, Jonathan Sherren, Pic by Anthony Licuria
Ross Wilson and wife Tania Gogos-Wilson Pic: Anthony Licuria

Bettina Petrone, Lydia Schiavello, Andrea Moss, Tony Hachem, Pic by Jim Lee

Pic: Anthony Licuria 
Pic: Anthony Licuria
Pic: Jim Lee

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