Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Philip Boon Presents...Jenny Bannister

Just walking into Philip Boon Presents...Jenny Bannister felt like a rush of pleasure, all the senses assaulted (in a good way) at once, particularly that of visual. At the charity fund-raiser for Prahran Mission, Bannister's friend and collaborator, stylist Philip Boon, curated a fashion parade of all of Bannister's iconic designs over the decades. As any student of Australian fashion history knows, Bannister has been both a darling with the avant-garde set and the fashion high priests, having appeared in Vogue magazine almost continuously for years. Her garments were also worn by Kylie Minogue (in a film clip!), Tina Turner, Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Tina Arena and Claudia Schiffer, to name a few. As her clothes were paraded down the runway - to a crowd that included Julian Burnside, Kate Durham, Teresa Liano, Robert Buckingham and Gwendolynne Burkin, still photos from her archive appeared behind. No wallflower, Bannister got pulled up to dance at the end, but everyone had their disco shoes on when The Chantoozies did a short set at the end. Artworks were auctioned off to further raise money for the Prahran Mission. Wonderful cause, wonderful night. 

Kristine Live and Jenny Bannister

Robert Buckingham

DJ Lady Noir as Viking

Baby Lemonade Lamarr

Philip Boon in centre (in white jacket) Pic: Monty Coles

Gwendolynne Burkin and Daniella Balscheit 

The Chantoozies

Monday, May 26, 2014

La Máscara Premiere Tasting

It was an invitation that came with a frisson of anticipation: Jackie and Silverchair's Ben Gillies, recently best known for reality TV's The Real Housewives of Melbourne, held a party for their new cocktail range, La Máscara. Fans of the show have already watched the pair design the bottle's labels and sweat over production issues, but the end result was just fine and dandy, as anyone who tasted it at Morris Jones could attest. There to sample the goods were fellow reality TV veterans Tully Smyth and Tahan Lew (both from Big Brother), and Jackie did a fair amount of shine, shine, shining in a LBD. My pick: the espresso martini. Just don't have it past midnight. 

Ben and Jackie Gillies

Big Brother's Tully Smyth, Ben, Jackie, Big Brother's Tahan Lew

Ed Ed Lower and Libby Haines
Jesse Maricic, Jackie, Micah Gianneli

Raymond Charles, Sarah Jane Young

  Photos by Sean Weidemann

Monday, May 19, 2014

Nespresso Launch at Emporium Melbourne

You probably guessed that coffee could be super exciting when you watched George Clooney do the Nespresso ads. But the launch of Nespresso's boutique at Emporium proved it, when all the big guns were brought out. Lauren Mac spun tunes for the crowd, Guillaume Brahimi fed the party on delicacies such as smoked salmon cigars with caviar, and duck foie gras parfait with ginger bread, while X Factor winner Dami Im did a special performance. Guests including Bruce and Chyka Keebaugh, Barry Hall, Richard Nylon and Saskia Hampele all got to sample the Nespresso-infused cocktails, with flavours of Salted Caramel, Black Forest and Choc Mint. If that wasn't enough to keep the party buzzing, a trio of tenors dressed as waiters surprised guests by launching into an Italian opera medley. 

Neighbours' Saskia Hampele and TV's Kayne Tremills

Chyka and Bruce Keebaugh

Milliner Richard Nylon and designer Gwendolynne Burkin

Nicole Parker and Nespresso General Manager Renaud Tinel
Nick Bracks and Rob Menzies

Musicians Hayden James and Brooke Adammo

Sophie and Barry Hall 

Dami Im

Chef Guillaume Brahimi

Deejay Lauren Mac

Australia's largest coffee room features a tasting area with 11 machines. 

Photos by Andrew Amos

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Paul Louis At Kong

It was a night of new adventures: the introduction of Paul Louis champagne to Melbourne socialites, and a glimpse at Chris Lucas' new Korean bbq eatery, Kong. Guests got a lot of the former (including a take-home bottle of bubbles) but less of the latter, since Kong is still a few weeks away from opening. Still, tasty morsels including kingfish sashimi, Mandu dumplings and clam miso soup left party-goers wanting more. And who wasn't swayed by the Paul Louis representation, a gentleman who offered champagne amidst a haze of soap bubbles as guests arrived? Watch this space. 

Candice Goss, Shoona Staines, Saasha Burns

\Alyce Crawford, Ashli Templer, Alice McGenniss-Destro and Lauren Brain 

Jess and Stef Dadon 

Nick and Rozalia Russian 

Sarah-Jane Young

Alan Nelson with Shoona, Candice and Saasha

Liz and Dean Sunshine

                                                             Photos by Anthony Licuria

Monday, May 12, 2014

LUX opening night

The line winding out the front on opening night gave some clue that something exciting was happening within. At LUX, the brand-new nightclub in South Yarra's Chapel Street (in the old Red Bennies space), party-goers got a taste of Las Vegas-meets Melbourne, as the lavish space mixed up elements of burlesque performers, acrobats, a 40 sqm mirrored bar, chandeliers and an upstairs VIP booth. LUX director Skye Graham saw a gap in the Melbourne nightclub offerings, and knew he could do something with the space that spans several levels. Plenty of enthusiasts showed up for the opening, including Real Housewives of Melbourne Andrea Moss and Lydia Schiavello, ex-MKR girls Melina Bagnato and Lee Chan, singer Ross Wilson, Kookai's Danielle Vagner and fitness guru Andi Lew. Luckily, no housewives were involved in the near-nude performances, but plastic surgeon Chris Moss did look twice at some of the dancers to ensure he hadn't met them previously in the surgery. 

Daniella Balscheit, fashion designer Vicki Petkoski (from Vezzano Couture), Marcus Balscheit, PR Helen Reizer. Pic: Jim Lee

Andrea and Chris Moss, Pic: Jim Lee

Lee Chan and Melina Bagnato from ex-MKR Pic: Anthony Licuria

Natalie Heslop (right) with friend Pic: Anthony Licuria 

Tony Hachem and Lydia Schiavello, Pic: Anthony Licuria 

Natalie Hunter and friend Pic: Jim Lee

Makeup by Bodyography Pic: Jim Lee 

Ali Johnston, Alexia Hondros, Vicki Petkoski, Danielle Vagner, Pic: Anthony Licuria

Pic: Anthony Licuria

Eat Fat Be Thin's Andi Lew. Pic: Jim Lee

Zee Shamat, Anna Pappas and Sarah Roza, Pic: Jim Lee

James Pidgeon and Christopher Dunkley, Pic: Anthony Licuria

Rory Higgins, Skye Graham, Elizabeth Brabender, Anthony Jacobs, Jonathan Sherren, Pic by Anthony Licuria
Ross Wilson and wife Tania Gogos-Wilson Pic: Anthony Licuria

Bettina Petrone, Lydia Schiavello, Andrea Moss, Tony Hachem, Pic by Jim Lee

Pic: Anthony Licuria 
Pic: Anthony Licuria
Pic: Jim Lee