Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ms Collins Launch

Even before it opened, Ms Collins knew how to create a fanfare, sending invitees a piece of artwork on fabric splattered in neon pink. Guests were told not to be late. Who knew what would await?

Ms Collins, according to the invitation, was a 1960s Parisienne socialite who just happened to have a past as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge, and a fondness for silver hair and spectacles. So goes the story that Roar Projects has created, anyway, with the opening of the new nightspot that formerly housed Silk Road. Launch night saw four famous chefs - Jacques Reymond, Daniel Wilson, Paul Wilson and Ricardo Momesso - show off their talents to enthusiastic patrons, who were also served up a hearty dose of burlesque, dancing and entertainment. And gentlemen, if you've got any down time - unlikely -  between dances, you can head to the Barber Shop (Men + Co), on the ground floor, that's open Thursday-Friday until late. (Monday-Wed until 5pm). They have a motto that single services take no more than 30 minutes: "less time to cut, more time to drink."  

Simon and Christina Digby
Lee Chan

Lewis Romano and Emma Jager

Alan Nelson, friend and David Debattista

                                        Hatem Saleh, Tony Perna, Simon Digby, Sami Saleh

Daniel Wilson, Jacques Reymond, Paul Wilson, Ricardo Momesso

The snap I took in the ladies' bathroom! 

Photos by Anthony Licuria

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