Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Asahi Silver Sessions Launch

Asahi Silver Sessions is a great idea: it's a platform for acclaimed artists to share their secret ingredient to life and inspire other people. At the launch (held on The Deck at Circa), a trio of people spoke: publisher Nick Smith, tailor Tom Riley and the Big Gun - actor Gabriel Macht, from TV's Suits. The idea was that each speaker would present their ideas in the traditional Japanese form of storytelling that originated in Buddhist temples in the 12th Century, thus paying homage to the heritage of Asahi Super Dry brand. Macht won over the audience from the start, not least of all because of his Aussie connection - he's married to actress Jacinda Barrett who gave birth to their second child, son Luca, less than two weeks before. There were a few jokes for the crowd - Macht said that his mother-in-law's version of a compliment was to compare him to Bert Newton - but plenty to inspire, too. He said that he and his onscreen alter-ego, Harvey Specter, share an ability to "focus, pushing through our insecurity and self-doubt. Most of all we are persistent - some might say stubborn - but we both persist through failure." 

The next Asahi Silver Sessions will take place at Luke Mangan’s restaurant Mojo in Waterloo,Sydney, on Wednesday 2 April.

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