Saturday, October 26, 2013

Launch of Brighton Schoolhouse Cafe

Who's not going to go back to school, when the school in question is the Brighton Schoolhouse Cafe, that's headed up by star football player Josh Gibson (together with Mark and Attil Filippelli and Adrian and Rebecca Ciorciari)? AFL champs (including Buddy Franklin and Jarryd Roughead) were along for the ride at the buzz-worthy launch, where PR Lil Romano gathered a fun crowd who got to enjoy all the good bits of school (laughter, pals, old-school lockers and in the case of the cafe, a guy who created zombie balloons on the night) and none of the bad (the food at Schoolhouse Cafe is a hell of a lot better). The food on the menu appeals to the high schooler in all of us - there's everything from the "modern iron man food" breakfast to a Channing Tatum burger - and if that doesn't keep you amused, a toy from the super hero corner will.

All photos by Anthony Licuria/ APL Photography


All photos courtesy of Anthony Licuria/ APL Photography

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