Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dan Aykroyd Dinner For Crystal Head Vodka

What do you do when you're invited to an intimate dinner that focuses on Crystal Head vodka, with its founder Dan Aykroyd (actor from classics including The Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Driving Miss Daisy) there, too? You cancel all other plans and go through hell and high water to go, that's what. And what a dinner it proved to be. Held at The Botanical in its private, outdoor space at the back, the dinner was for around 30 people all together, and had not only Dan as its guest of honor, but others from Crystal Head, as well as famed director John Landis. (There's a retrospective of Landis' work on at ACMI right now.) Both men were joined by their wives, Donna Dixon and Deborah Nadoolman (an Oscar winning costume designer), and no one was shy about mingling. Dan worked the room at leisure, trading UFO stories and Crystal Head stats.

The exquisite meal featured delicacies such as Coffin Bay oysters and Hanger steak, and paired courses with Crystal Head cocktails (as well as a glass of it straight-up), served in cool skeleton glasses (available at Dan Murphy's! Gift pack here) For those who haven't seen the vodka that's also the official vodka of The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, it comes in an amazing, skull-head bottle, and has no additives, oils or sugars of any kind. (Donna Dixon assured me that if you drank it without mixing drinks, you'd have no hangover the next day!) The limited edition gift set includes a 2-CD compilation of live Rolling Stones hits that you can't buy otherwise, and a crystal bottle decanter top engraved with The Rolling Stones' iconic lips logo. Who can beat that? Even before tasting it, I wanted to buy it because Aykroyd was so gracious and charming, even donning a Melbourne Cup pin that was gifted to him on the night. (He had said, on TV, that he's into medals.) But after tasting it, I wanna stock up. Special thanks to Sally Burleigh, uber publicist from SBPR, who handles many amazing clients, including J'Aton and Camilla. 

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