Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jacqueline Evans Product Launch

A ton of women - and the occasional man - dropped into The Lab Perfumery in North Carlton for Jacqueline Evan's launch of her new products. With a background as a naturopath, Jacqueline was living in the UK when she realised that her knowledge could help her create a specialised, holistic skincare range. The best thing about it? It lacks that crunchy-granola stereotype of some "healthcare" products, and comes in super-sophisticated packaging as well. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the goody bag, too, which included Jacqueline Evans' Rose & Vanilla bath salts, Toms feminine products and a delicious concoction of health food from The Staple Store. I, myself, went dashing to The Staple Store that week for more, and came home from the launch loaded with Jacqueline Evans products I'd bought - thumbs up to the Argan and Rosehip Oil face serum. 

Jacqueline Evans (left)


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