Saturday, July 20, 2013

Timothy Oulton Store Launch

Stepping into a Timothy Oulton store is like being transported to an upper-class country home in England that's been decked out with Kate Moss' seal of approval. It's chic, understated and very British. None of that changed with the launch of their new store - it will be in Coco Republic's space for two years - with a party that felt like being in someone's living room, thanks to all the leather couches and wingback arm chairs that people could sprawl upon. Tally-ho. 

 Jesse Maricic and Micah Gianneli

Beth Finckh and Simone Haag

Joe Mammone of Sarti restaurant (right)

Sarah Willcocks, fashion blogger

Model-blogger Chelsea Scanlan, Katie Sneath (above photos courtesy of AMPR)

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