Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Belvedere Vodka Dinner: Vue de Monde

When Belvedere Vodka held a special dinner at Vue de Monde to explore their various macerations and vodka offerings, they flew in their Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology from the UK, Claire Smith. Claire also lived in New York working for Belvedere, and her job sounds pretty damn glamorous: apart from jetting in to Melbourne and other cities in Australia, she has also appeared on TV shows like Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler, doing her thing with a cocktail.  Was it any surprise that - with a CV like that - the drinks were absolutely sumptuous, matching Shannon Bennett's exquisite menu sip for bite? No.

(All photos courtesy of Jim Lee and Black Communications)

Luc Wiesman of men's fashion website Anna Curran, Sarah Willcocks

Claire Smith (centre)

That's some killer view on the top of the restaurant.

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