Friday, March 8, 2013

How Two Live Cupcake Party

How Two Live is one of my favourite blogs, started out by sisters Jess and Stef Dadon, which was supposed to be a way for them to keep in touch - via the outfits they wear every day - once Stef moved to Paris. Now that the pair are both back in Melbourne, the blog has been revamped, and there was a Melbourne party to prove it. They launched together with Little Cupcakes, "partly because we knew sweets and fashion would be an irresistible duo and partly because it meant that we'd have a great excuse to feast on cupcakes," says Jess.

The blog is addictive, and the way they put their outfits together adorable. No wonder they've been featured in a slew of magazines, and were virtually mobbed by photographers at Paris Fashion Week last year. 

Jess and Stef 
Jessica Rose
Siham and Kath from Cameo

The girls always blog their accessories, and their accessories are always fantastic. 

Paolo Lolicata (left)

Girls from May the Label
\Ebony and Francesca

I Scream Nails were on hand to do fabulous manis. 

Kyra Pybus and Kate Bollard

Who doesn't love a goody bag at the end?

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