Friday, March 15, 2013

Hot Type

Happy weekend, people. It's Grand Prix here, buckle up for the ride soon.
In the meantime, here's all the entertanment news you'll need...for thirty seconds or so.

If you're sick of reading about Miley Cyrus' hair change and antics, it's time to find yourself a new ex-child-star. Back when I interviewed Amanda Bynes, she was a sweet teenager who politely answered all my questions articulately. Now she's the kinda gal who gets her cheek pierced. Because the DUIs she got didn't get her enough attention, I'm presuming. (People magazine)

Sass & Bide are trying to make it in New York. (Cue Sinatra: If you can make it there/ you'll make it anywhere.) Read all about their SoHo store here.  (The Cut)  

If Mad Men's series 6 is as cool as the poster for it, then I'm going to be as hooked on Don Draper as ever. Hey, who are we kidding? I'd be hooked, anyway. (Vulture)

Kickstarter is a great way to raise funds, but who could guess that $US2 million would be raised to make a Veronica Mars movie? Here's how that came about. (Vulture)

Was anyone really shocked to learn that Kim Kardashian faked divorce scenes in her reality show to make her ex look bad? I mean, girlfriend doesn't go to the supermarket without false eyelashes. Of course she needs to look good 24-7. 

Emily Rapp has written a heartbreaking, elegant memoir, The Still Point of the Turning World, about her son's short life with a degenerative illness. Read her story here. Tissues at the ready. (Mama Mia

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