Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot Type

My summary of the week....

Got to toot my own horn: here's my article entitled, Celebrities, parties and tantrum which made the cover of M magazine (The Age). Dita Von Teese and Naomi Campbell stories promised. 

What do you do if you happen to look like uber-model Kate Upton, celebrated for her curves on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine? You tweet a look-alike snapshot and watch it go viral. (Sports Illustrated

If you never saw Caine's Arcade, a true video that went viral about a 9 year old kid who created an arcade park out of boxes, then watch it, and be impressed about how he's signed to a big talent agency.

Wendy Squires is a friend, but she is also a gifted writer, and has penned a fantastic column about both watching her mother die, and Bradley Cooper. You didn't think the two were related, did you? (The Age

It's hard to beat a New York Times article with this title: The Professor, The Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble

Natalie Bloom, of Bloom Cosmetics, did a lovely blog post on my Dumbo Feather magazine cover story/ interview with Maira Kalman. I love Maira's work more than anything; her books are my go-to presents for favourite people. 

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