Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hot Type

Hey peeps. I curate the week's best stories, so you don't have to.

Despite an earlier rave in the newspaper, some people really, really didn't like Seth McFarlane's Oscars hosting gig. (From The New Yorker)

I've been in the US amongst the press corps, so I know how ridiculous the questions can get. Backstage at the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence handles it all with unbelievable good grace. (YouTube video)
PS Straight after the Oscars, she dyed her hair black. This is only an Oscars look if you're Dita Von Teese. 

Even though J Lawrence is the girl of the moment, we should all stop hating Anne Hathaway. (The Cut) 

I interviewed Patricia Field, the costume designer from Sex and the City, this week. She totally rocks. (The Age) (And here's the photographic evidence. Can you believe she's 72?) TV host Lisa Wilkinson is in it, too. 

Ever wondered what happened to Monica Lewinsky? Hint: Plastic surgery might be involved. (From Daily Life)

Here's a girl who made her own wedding dress - out of 10,000 bread tags, costing her just $36. That's what I call recycling. The results are fabulous. But I don't think Jennifer Aniston is going to commission her to make her upcoming wedding gown. Just saying. (State of Green)

Here's a cool story about a 15 year old kid, whose friend died of pancreatic cancer, so he decided to google the pancreas, and ended up discovering a cheap way to determine whether someone's carrying the disease, long before this was previously possible. Way to save thousands of lives, kid. Give this boy the Nobel Peace Prize, or at least less homework. (The Age) 

If you're obsessed with that old TV nugget Golden Girls - hey, I'm not saying I am - you might like to see how it's been remade in other countries. (Vulture)

I'm kind of obsessed with tree houses. Isn't everyone? That's why I went back to the internet archives to find the most amazing ones ever.

I didn't even know that designer Bettina Liano opened up a clothes store in New York. Luckily, I have the Wall Street Journal to tell me.

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