Monday, March 18, 2013

Free Energy Drink Race Party

Combine Free (the energy drink), a venue where ornate chairs mix with DJ Grant Smillie (at Baroq House) and Grand Prix (this past weekend), and you get a bash with all the trimmings, if by trimmings you mean Grand Prix-inspired gals covered in body paint. 

These were clothes. Revealing, yes. But fabric nevertheless. 

These were not clothes, at least not the top part. The girl on the left kept her arm firmly secured to her chest, as if surgically attached. 

After surgery. Arm removed. 

Model-turned-photographer Rosanna Faraci. She takes - and gives - good photo because she knows all the tricks (being an ex-model doesn't hurt, either). 

Loz Tickell and Georgia Cunningham

Nicola Holland and Colin Johnson, both from the UK

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