Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arthur Galan 15 Year Celebration

If I'd been making menswear for 15 years, I'd also want to celebrate. That's just the tip of the iceberg for Arthur Galan and his Arthur Galan AG line - he's also managed to successfully work with his wife throughout, and convince his mother (who was originally horrified by his career choice) that staying in his chosen field of study wasn't a good idea. 

Mimi and Arthur Galan. The party, held at the Skyy Pool Club at The Deck Circa Rooftop, was on the last day of LMFF, with GQ magazine co-hosting

Elizabeth and boyfriend David Briskin, of Sass & Bide

Bloggers with Attitude: Jess Dempsey of What Would Karl Do, Cecylia Kee of Cecylia.com and Sanchia-Tarah Peterson of Tanarah.

Natasha Leigh (right), actress

Kathryn McLean and Sarah Gale from AMPR, the pr wondergirls who ensured everything ran smoothly.

Looking good on the St Kilda rooftop. 

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