Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LMFF Independent Runway

It was the last day of LMFF, and fitting that it was also the independent runway, with designs by Garth Cook, Ksubi, Livia Arena, among others. It also brought out the independent dressers in the crowd: 
Dearest Richard Nylon, you never fail to please. 

Stylehunter was in front row, too. 

There's something funny about indie designers on men. Perhaps the design element is in the colour. 

Yuan Li hits the right note. 

The plastic raincoat is too complicated to explain, but it was worn like a cape. 

After party at Alumbra

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Arthur Galan 15 Year Celebration

If I'd been making menswear for 15 years, I'd also want to celebrate. That's just the tip of the iceberg for Arthur Galan and his Arthur Galan AG line - he's also managed to successfully work with his wife throughout, and convince his mother (who was originally horrified by his career choice) that staying in his chosen field of study wasn't a good idea. 

Mimi and Arthur Galan. The party, held at the Skyy Pool Club at The Deck Circa Rooftop, was on the last day of LMFF, with GQ magazine co-hosting

Elizabeth and boyfriend David Briskin, of Sass & Bide

Bloggers with Attitude: Jess Dempsey of What Would Karl Do, Cecylia Kee of and Sanchia-Tarah Peterson of Tanarah.

Natasha Leigh (right), actress

Kathryn McLean and Sarah Gale from AMPR, the pr wondergirls who ensured everything ran smoothly.

Looking good on the St Kilda rooftop. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

LMFF - Red Carpet Runway

LMFF's Red Carpet Runway, presented by Harper's Bazaar Brides, was heralded as an event, and everyone dressed accordingly. For some, that meant full-length dresses or lush fabrics, such as satin. For others, like Richard Nylon, it meant the most spectacular headgear. When he instagrammed a corner of it, I didn't know what it would be. When I saw him in real life, I still didn't know what it was - imagine a black face stocking with feathers sticking out of it - but it was fabulous. 

Richard Nylon
Richard's shoes were pretty fantastic too, and made him about a million feet tall. 

Paul and Gwendolynne. Gwendolynne was one of the bridal designers showing - as well as Aurelio Costarella, Collette Dinnigan, Rachel Gilbert and Toni Maticevski. But I believe she's the only one getting married in the next year or so. 

Shiva and Kate Bollard

Yuan Li with actress Natasha Leigh (on right) 

Board member Leonard Hamersfeld and Danielle Vagner of Kookai

Kellie Hush (Harper's Bazaar editor) and Bron G

Gwendolynne and PR gal Kyra Pybus - Kyra in vintage Gwendolynne, was a guest of the designer. 

Helen Reizer (right)

The amazing gowns by Gwendolynne were a favourite of former LMFF director Robert Buckingham, who raved about them afterwards. The music was also memorable: classic renditions of tunes by INXS, Beyonce and AC/DC livened the mood. 

Cassie Van Den Dungen on the catwalk

Alice Burdeu on the catwalk

After LMFF, there was a party at Adam Behind Eve nightclub ( Michaela Menichelli handbags. Jennifer Hawkins turned up and danced until 4am. Rex Lee, from Entourage, also joined the fun. 


Eve club owner Darren Male, his girlfriend and photographer Jim Lee. Have to say, it was a rocking night at Eve (and Adam Behind Eve) with long queues, pumping music and a crowd that wouldn't stop. 

Michaela Menichelli (right) and Kate Bollard (left) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

LMFF - Mimco Parade

Some of the parades at LMFF are held off-site, such as accessory brand Mimco's parade at White House, the design school. They really put on a show: a rocking singer introduced the parade with her rendition of "War," and rose petals dropped from the ceiling at the end. It was glam. 
The ever-sweet ANTM winner Montana Cox patiently waited for the shuttle bus with her pal, before they were going to head off for dinner post-Mimco. 

How Two Live blogger gals Stef and Jess Dadon

One of the photographers mentioned that "THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER," but I'm pretty sure he was responding largely to the lace bodysuits. If you look really hard, you'll see that the girl walking towards the pack is actress Sophie Lowe, modelling for Mimco. 

LMFF - National Designer Award

The L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival's National Designer Award is one of the events you go to, if you're lucky enough to be invited: held over breakfast at Tiffany & Co, the winner - mens label From Britten - was announced among a crowd that included Megan Gale, Harper's Bazaar editor Kellie Hush, InStyle editor Kirsten Galliott, fashion insider Kirstie Clements, and a host of glittering fashion folk. 

From Britten is the brainchild of Alexander and Tom Britten-Finschi, who also happen to be the sons of Melbourne designer Linda Britten. (You'd especially know her if you did any kind of debutante ball in the 80s, because she was the BOMB.)  

Models in the finalists' clothes, including model in winning label From Britten (centre) and editor Kellie Hush.  (photo by Lucas Dawson/ courtesy AMPR)

Barbara Palvin and Megan Gale (photo by Lucas Dawson/ courtesy AMPR
Australia's Next Top Model past winner Alice Burdeu. When the pair posed for the photo, she told him how good looking he was. Sweet. 

InStyle's Kirsten Galliott
Editor Kellie Hush and LMFF Chair Laura Anderson. Laura always looks regal; I think she's secretly getting Princess Mary or Kate to oversee her outfits every day. After all, this is 9.30 am, and by the evening at the runway show, she was like the queen at a Royal Command Performance. (In a good way.) 
Laura with designer Camilla. See, even the pose is princess-y. I'm just waiting for Kate Middleton to pop out from the shadows. I wish Camilla had dropped a curtsy for full effect, and I wish everyone in the fashion industry acted so royally. At the moment, it's Laura and Victoria Beckham in a tie. 

Milliner Richard Nylon (left) is one of my favourite people: not only does he make the most stupendous hats, but he also dresses with pomp and circumstance and fun and is the most photo-worthy person I know. He's a walking photo opportunity, really. In this shot, he is holding a present I've just given him: an illustration by Sophie Blackall, on hats. She takes classified ads from "Missed Connections" - where people try to connect with someone they've met or seen fleetingly in the street etc - and illustrates them. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

LMFF Opening Event

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival kicked off with a bang: the opening event, presented by David Jones, was a catwalk parade with three of the biggest homegrown models in the mix: Samantha Harris, Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox. The audience members weren't too shabby either: Megan Gale and Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin among them, as well as countless designers who'd flown in for the festival. 
Samantha Harris and Montana Cox

Barbara Palvin, seated next to LMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey. She was so interested in all the clothes that came down the runway. 

I love Barbara Palvin. Even though she was in the roped-off VIP area, she posed and smiled when I caught her eye. Quick fact: she was discovered on the streets of Budapest, age 13. 

Zoi Cameron and designer Camilla Franks, of Camilla - featured in the show. 

Shiva Singam and Jessica Gomes. Shiva hosted the Chairman's Lounge at LMFF, and even in the three seconds I stopped to chat, about half a dozen people tried to scam their way past him. His outfit included stockings, which he shopped for today. You can read some of his insider stories about LMFF here.

LMFF Board Member Leonard Hamersfeld, of Buzz Products, and Hollie Sweet, who is wearing Bensimon jewellery, Leonard's wife's jewellery label. 

Amanda Briskin-Rettig and husband Andrew Rettig. That day, Amanda did a Q&A with LMFF's Graeme Lewsey on her new, high-end bag range, A-Esque. Prediction: it'll be the Prada of Australia. 

Sisters Scherri Biggs and Shae Biggs

Stacie Piper (left) who is in business with Aron Katona (middle) - St-ar runway. The girl on the right is wearing Aron's designs. I might let Aron dress me but I'd never let him do hair and makeup. 

Who can resist another shot of Shiva, if only to check out the fabulous outfit. 

Designer Megan Park (right) - one of the designers in the show. 

Thank you AMPR for the killer seats. From my position in the front row, I could have tripped up a model if I wanted. (Luckily, I never wanted to.)