Friday, September 5, 2014

QV Hideaway Spring Lunch

Every now and then, the Melbourne social calendar offers up an event so exquisite and perfectly presented, you wish you could live in that little event-bubble for a little longer. Such was the case with the spring salon show held at QV Hideaway, a gorgeous pop-up venue in the QV that blends the outdoors with an event space, using a different theme each year. This year's is a gorgeous treehouse that has come to life, and the space has been used throughout Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for various open-to-the-public events. For this lunch, however, media were treated to a lunch by chef Nicolas Poelaert, whose dishes all looked like the forest had come to life, in the most beautiful, imaginative, Heston Blumenthal-meets-Martha Stewart way. There was also a spring salon show, where guests got to view clothes from the QV boutiques, including a Jason Grech dress that had come to bloom courtesy of flowers by Flower Temple. Memorable! 




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