Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lucy Folk Launches Pizza

What does pizza and luscious jewellery have in common? Apparently a lot, since jewellery designer Lucy Folk named her latest range Pizza, and used chef Karen Martini to help her do so. Why Pizza? It's due to the reds, greens and "magic touch of signorina" she uses in the range. The pizza party held in its honor started out at her flagship store in the city, and ended up at Scott Livesey Gallery, where actual slices of the Italian stuff - dressed up in custom Lucy Folk pizza boxes - were consumed by party-goers. Guests included photographer Earl Carter, DJ Laila Saikini and PAM designers Shauna and Mischa - all of whom got to take away some herbs and a jar of homemade tomato sauce. Alas, no jewels in the goody bag. 

Lucy Folk (left)

Campaign shot: see more here at Lucy Folk.

Photography by Brilliant Creek

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