Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alligator Brand Anniversary Lunch

Cindy Sargon and her husband, Michael Coade always do everything stylishly, but they pulled out all stops to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their pasta company, Alligator Brand. With an intimate lunch, the guest list included comedian and radio talk show host Mick Molloy, renowned fashion designer Toni Maticevski and artist Jeff Martin (who paints chefs in situ), while the gob-smacklingly mouth-watering five course meal was created and cooked by Andrew McConnell. 
The talked-about table centrepiece was a bell jar filled with black truffles - someone whispered to me that that small collection alone would've cost $2000 - and everyone got to sample it when Michael Coade, himself an ex-chef, came and grated pieces onto the roasted pheasant, served with individual pasta bakes.
I wanted to pace myself, but left the luncheon barely able to move. Too delicious. No wonder Alligator Brand scored a big gong this year - they created the only fresh black truffle ravioli available in Australia, scoring them a finalist spot at the Delicious Produce awards (From the Earth - artisan category). Awards, shmewards - I just wanted to eat more.

Cindy Sargon and chef Andrew McConnell

Mick Molloy, my seat-mate! (and a funny one at that)

Toni Maticevski and Michael Coade

Artist Jeff Martin

Linguini carbonara. There were only three courses AFTER that one! (But it was worth being so full.)

Canoli pastry with Ricotta and soft chocolate. 
Photos courtesy of Marnie Rainey

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