Friday, May 31, 2013

Vivian Ashworth Hair and Makeup Salon Launch

Who can resist Dresscode: Gatsby on this Baz Luhrmann-infused week? None of the party-goers at Vivian Ashworth Hair and Makeup Salon's launch, to be sure. Greville Street proved to be a magnet for sequin-adoring, fur-donning, headband-seeking types, with more sparkle in the room than a Swarovski store. To add to the geniality in the air, jazz soloist Hetty Kate and her band performed, and models swanned around in Gwendolynne couture, paired with Richard Nylon headpieces.  

Vivian Ashworth

PR Kyra Pybus, behind the event, yet front and centre with two Gwendolynne-gowned gals

Colin and Dasha Gold, of

One of Richard Nylon's headpieces! 

Gwendolynne and Kyra

Richard Nylon (right) with songbird Hetty Kate in Gwendolynne

Shiva Singam

Some pics by Jacqui Henshaw. Others courtesy of guests and designer Gwendolynne Burkin. 

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