Friday, May 17, 2013 re-launch

La Dolce Vita. Jazz singing that visits you in your dreams. Mesmerising red wines. A series of dishes that look as good as they tastes. All this was apparent when re-launched its menu - with its recently appointed Head Chef Paolo Masciopinto - and new look, holding a dinner in its moody (in an excellent way), dimly-lit restaurant, tucked in a Melbourne back alley, an old black and white Italian movie (La Dolce Vita) running in its courtyard at back.

Guests were surprised when Sarti pal Kate Ceberano got up and sang a few songs, not only successfully belting out Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind, but also introducing the audience to a rocking, haunting new song from her upcoming album. Did you feel like you were in New York or Rome, circa 1950? Yes. It didn't hurt that co-owner Joe Mammone made sure to go from table to table, greeting each guest with a story, a smile and a re-fill.  Salute! 

Kate Ceberano and Sarti co-owner Joe Mammone

Chelsea Scanlan and Ricky Lee Lacco

Scherri Lee Biggs and Lucy Mills

Nadia Coppolino

Glen and Michelle Moriaty

Gyton Grantley and Alexandra 

Sarti owners Joe Mammone and Michael Badr

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