Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Goldie jewellery at Surround Interiors

  • Imagine that you've looted a Manhattan jewellery store in the 1960s-1990s, and you come up with jewels worn by the stiletto-wearing, beret-donning jet set of the West Village: picture a Kate Moss of yesteryear in a swingin' necklace. That's the kind of jewellery you'll find at Goldie - which bills itself as vintage jewellery of New York, although some pieces have also been sourced in Paris, and all of them have that je ne sais quoi vibe. 

    The gal with the keen eye who's behind it all is Daniella Balscheit, founder of Surround Interiors, who these days spends so much of her time in New York  that it's easy for her to pick up a trinket - or ten. She showcased the collection (which comes from names such as YSL, Anne Klein and Givenchy) with a party at Surround, treating guests to Tisdall wines and a whopper of a goody bag, that included MOR soap and Goldie bracelet, for starters. 

    Journo-in-the-know Suzanne Carbone also covered the event, here. (And I crack a mention.)
  • Founder Daniella Balscheit (left) who is as fastidious about her wardrobe as she is about her jewellery. 

    Models from Darley Models. They were even taller than normal and very handy with a wine bottle. 

    Artist Gavin Brown and designer Jenny Bannister 
    Gina Liano, right, rumoured to be on the Real Housewives show in Melbourne. Designers Bettina and Teresa are the lawyer's sisters. 

    Some of the beautiful wares

    Even models have to eat. Photo courtesy of

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