Sunday, March 3, 2013

Velco's Birthday Party

It makes sense that when Velco Dojcinovski (the brains behind creative agency, DE) turned 29, he did it with 200 of his friends, but turning 30 required something more intimate: a far smaller bash at Massoni Wine Bar in the city. A true Piscean, he's one of those mercurial men who is constantly looking for a new challenge and a new way to whet his creative appetite. Velco's like an old-fashioned host, a throwback to another era where party-throwers made sure everyone had a martini on hand and a pretty girl to chat with. Hello, Don Draper. 

Dasha Gold. Velco and designer Eduardo Xavier

Model Madeleine Hamilton (right) brought the most beautiful cake to the party, wrapped up and ready to go. 

                                             Kristen McLeash and Rebecca Caulfield

Dasha and Colin Gold of They've been married for two years, but act like newlyweds. They're like a Nicholas Sparks romance novel come to life, with equally good casting. 

Mobile makeup artists were on hand for touch ups. That's a nice addition. It reminds me of how Melbourne model Silvana Lovin said they used to have massages backstage for the models at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. More people should realise how trying it is to go to a party and look good without any unwanted shine. Pure Chica's Janine Earl (right). The bathroom was also filled with lots of tidbits - MOR products and some party essentials, like mints. There was perfume on hand, too, but I always find that a risky proposition, in case the person you're with hates the scent. 
Seriously, I hope this becomes a trend at every party. 

Kyra Pybus and Helen Reizer, publicists-in-arms, or at least in drinks. 

Anne-Marie Guida and Marisa Guida

Snapper about town, Rosanna Faraci 
Velco and Dani Norris

Bree Elizabeth Laughlin and Velco

Yulia Budyanskaya and Janine Earl 

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