Sunday, February 17, 2013

Moet Imperial Launch

There are certain words that make an invitation sound more enticing. Moet & Chandon are three of them. (Is an ampersand a word? Perhaps that's only two words.) It was the mid-30s in Melbourne, and still the fine folk of Sunday afternoon drinking were willing to make their way to the Moet Ice Imperial launch at Adelphi Hotel's penthouse space, Mon Bijou. Go figure. As a reward, guests were treated to Moet Ice Imperial cocktails, served up with mint leaves and strawberry. 

Bree Laughlin and Kate Bollard. 
Kyra Pybus and Shiva Singam. The last time I saw these two pals together, Shiva had convinced Kyra to come to a Day of the Dead Festival event dressed as Frida Kahlo. Now there's a sport. 

Sarah Roza and James Kingsbury from The Amazing Race last season. The nine year older Sarah calls herself a "cougar." 

All these girls know how to pose. The middle one reminds me of the time I told my friend Judy that the most flattering pose, according to someone I knew at Elle magazine, was to tilt your head slightly to the side. Thereafter, my friend Judy always looked like she had a broken neck whenever she posed. 

Colin Johnson and Nicola Holland

I nearly cropped the bartender out of this photo, but I loved the expression on his face. He looks like someone out of a Bond movie who, unbeknownst to the guests busy with their icy drinks, has to decipher a secret code in sixty seconds before there are dire consequences. 
Roger Grinstead, Jim Lee and Colin Gold from
Bree Laughlin and man-of-the-Moet, event organiser Velco Dojcinovski

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