Saturday, February 9, 2013

Megan Park's Autumn/ Winter launch

I love Megan Park (, because she creates clothes for real women and says she doesn't subscribe to trends. She also puts out a bloody good snack selection if you're going to front up to her Armadale flagship store in the morning for her Autumn/winter launch. And many of her pants are elasticised. You can eat without sucking in. Frankly, it's a win-win. 

This model was so tall that a skirt that was meant to be skimming the floor rose a good few centimetres above her ankles. That's okay, because no one who was going to be buying the clothes was that tall. Look how cute Megan Park is in the background, like a proud mum. 

The one on the right is some kind of infused tea. It tasted like a cocktail that you down really fast because of its deliciousness. Luckily, the alcohol-free content meant that no one was found sprawled in the dressing-rooms with a shoe wrapped around their hand like a bracelet. 

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