Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Il Fornaio's Wine and Cheese party

Who won't come out for a wine and cheese party? That's the case even when the weather is terrible. Il Fornaio celebrated the arrival of their new artisan cheeses and Italian wines. Sabrina and Katia, aka The Cheese Ladies, had a demonstration of their cheese-making process, but I'm thinking this: they need a better name if they ever want to start a girl group. 

PR maven Fiona Brook (left) of Zilla and Brook and former Masterchef contestant Chelsea Fammartino. 

Because a snapshot of holding a forkful of cheese is far more attractive that a shot of stuffing it in your face. 

Josh Gibson and Tracey Beswick

Chelsea Fammartino and Lee Chan, a presenter on Coxy's Big Break and former My Kitchen Rules contestant. These girls know their cheeses.  

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