Sunday, February 24, 2013

G-Lux party

Who knew that porcelain and natural stone products could be so glamorous? The event: G-Lux Gallery opening party. The background: G-Lux is a family-owned business of luxury products of the aforementioned type. The perks of the job: stones are imported from places such as Turkey, Italy and Spain, so I hope they get the odd holiday in Majorca. The party details: Louis Roederer Cristal champagne was served, and there was a burlesque performance by Sina King. It's enough to make you want to install some luxury porcelain into your home right now. 

G-Lux co-owner Boris (his father Nick Vainberg is the other owner) & Boris' wife, Yelena Kogan
Yelena Kogan & Dina Horne

Zhenya Vernon & Alex Lowen
All photos by Trish Keating Photography. 

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