Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cool Australia

I did wonder whether it was a good idea to be spending Valentine's Day with a roomful of women, eating, but it was all for a good cause. In this case, it was Jason Kimberley's Love Your Planet Women's lunch, held at Zinc, which aids Cool Australia, of which he is founder and CEO. Jason's best one-liner: "What's happening now? We all know about Kardashian booty, but how many people know about ocean acidification?" Hey, I didn't even know that was a word. 

As part of the lunch, there was a fabulous raffle and a silent auction on must-have items, such as one of Joanne Mott's paintings. (That's Joanne, above. Check out her work via [MARS] Gallery, here and here..)

The lovely Emma Abrahams in pregnancy glow.  

Jason's wife, Caroline, together with Primrose Potter, who I first took to be some brilliant woman who should be a part of Advanced Style. I want to dress like that lady when I grow up.

[MARS] Gallery's Andy Dinan and journalist extraordinaire Suzanne Carbone. 

Catriona Rowntree welcomed guests, pointed out that the room was so loud that radio's Brigitte Duclos recorded it for her show. 

 Giaan Rooney took to the podium; the one-time swimmer and recent weather girl spoke about how weather is really important to her, ever since she married a fifth-generation cattle farmer. Shoes are important to me; rain is important to her. Everyone has their thing. 

Valentine's-themed food. At least I think that's why there was a fig. 

One of Joanne Mott's works was part of the silent auction, but I would've been as happy with the Dom Perignon or Bensimon diamond earrings. Alas, I went home empty-handed, save a bloody good treat in the goody bag: a $150 makeup lesson at Mecca Cosmetica. Thank you Kate Keane and Kate Bensimon (below), from Kate & Co, for putting me at your oh-so-desirable table!  
It's not a lunch for ladies without ladies who lunch. (Even if we have jobs outside of lunch hours.) 

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