Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Cantina - the very latest eatery from chef Paul Wilson and co-owner Julian Gerner - is in that lovely spot that used to be Mink Bar, on Acland Street, where there was always a person behind a velvet rope explaining why YOU couldn't come in. Not so Cantina, a Mexican eatery that's open for tortilla cravings until 3 in the morning, every day of the week. That's giving the people what they want; same thing happened at the launch party. 

Lindy Klim, who has re-located to Bali with her family, still comes back to Melbourne every month. Her business with Michael - Milk & Co - is booming, now selling all over Asia and overseas. 

Actress Melanie Vallejo, Winners and Losers

DJ Dean Cherny (of DJ Dimension and Marketing Melodies) and Tanya Cherny. 

All photos by Anthony Licuria, APL Photography

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