Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blush Photography's Hottest Hunks

When a male friend of mine told me he wanted me to come along to Blush Photography's Hottest Hunks competition (, I thought it sounded a bit odd: a straight guy watching all these shirtless muscular dudes onstage. Once at Riva's St Kilda, I totally got it: forget the guys, there were 500 people there, and most of them were screaming women. 

I love the guy on the far right, he's thinking, "What's the big deal? I don't NEED to take my shirt off." 

It's not so good for one's self-esteem to pose with pretty people, so I told this girl to look less good in our next photo frame. She kindly complied. (Even though she merely looks like she can't swallow a particularly bad vintage of wine.) 

I didn't take this photo (above). A guy did. I think you can tell by the way the models are looking at the camera. Or at him. 

Liz Cambage always fronts up to things with a smile on her face and doesn't mind posing for photos. I love her. I also want to tell the guy at the front: "All eyes are on the professional basketball player behind you, mate." 

Sapphira ( is a Melbourne burlesque dancer who also teaches burlesque classes. I've been to one of her class graduation revues, where formerly shy women start waving feathers around their saucily-dressed bodies. Sapphira is also a singer, and she puts on good show. Once she lived in the UK, and when she first got into burlesque, she was working a corporate job by day. I love the idea of her packing all her feathers and sequins into a bag so as not to alert the suits-and-ties around her.

Is she one of those brides-to-be whose friends have taken her out on a hen's night where she has to wear embarrassing headgear all evening? Methinks she's just a girl with a penchant for a tiara, or she'd look more embarrassed, and there's no BRIDE slogan plastered across the feathers, either. I do want her to smile, though, because Girfriend, you're wearing a pink boa on your head! 

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